Supporting Adult Literacy

One of Rotary’s core goals is to strengthen our communities by supporting basic education and literacy.

Reading is a basic requirement of everyday life, and whilst for many of us its a skill we take for granted there are 2.4 million adults in England alone who can barely read or cannot read at all.

This means that they find everyday tasks like filling in forms, helping children with schoolwork and reading letters and bills difficult. Being unable to read also impacts on their employment opportunities, self-confidence and their ability to participate in society.

Learning to read as an adult is life-changing both for the adult and for their families and that’s why we’re supporting Read Easy UK to provide their volunteer-led reading coaching programme for adults in Wolverhampton. Read Easy helps any adult who either can’t read or who lacks confidence with reading. The reading coaching they provide is confidential, one-to-one and absolutely free!

If you or someone that you know could benefit from their help you can find the contact details for the local Read Easy Coordinator here

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