Doing Good with the RAF Air Cadets

We’ve had the honour of working with and supporting 1046 Squadron of the Royal Air Force Air Cadets for many years and we were pleased to welcome the Squadron’s leader Flt Lt Colin Haynes to our meeting this evening.

The volunteers in the Squadron do a wonderful job helping to spark a spirit of adventure in the Cadets and fostering an ideal of good citizenship in them in order to prepare them for a life of leadership in their communities.

This truly is an organisation that transforms young lives.

We are grateful to the Cadets and the Squadron’s volunteers for their help with our Christmas fundraising and President Rob was pleased to present Flt Lt Haynes with a donation which will help ensure that the Squadron continues to transform lives.

Doing Good with the Army Cadet Force

The Army Cadet Force is one of the country’s largest voluntary youth organisations with a history dating back to 1859.

The Force gives young people between the age of 12 and 18 the opportunity to take on new challenges and adventures and inspires them to aim high and pursue their goals, no matter what they aim to do in life

In addition to activities with a military theme Cadets are encouraged to take part in activities with a community focus and we’ve been grateful for their invaluable assistance with our Santa Sleigh over the last two years.

Sgt Neil Hardy was our guest this evening to accept a donation from the Club which will be used to purchase training aids for use by the Detachment on their outdoor training activities.

A February Christmas Present for Compton Hospice

Helping Santa at Christmas makes for a busy time for Rotarians but getting on Santa’s ‘good’ list is only one benefit as thanks to the generosity of the thousands of people who came along to meet Santa we are able to continue supporting deserving local charities such as Compton Hospice.

It takes over £6 million every year for Compton Hospice to provide its services to patients free of charge.  With government funding only providing one third of this, the Hospice relies heavily on fundraising to maintain its level and quality of care.

Thanks to your support over Christmas President Rob tonight presented Sally Woods of the Hospice’s fundraising team with a cheque for £4,200 which will enable the Hospice to purchase computing equipment for use as part of their new patient management system as well as upgrading their Reception call handling system to ensure that the Hospice can continue to offer an outstanding level of service to both patients and visitors.

The Spirit of 66

Join us in the company of Gordon Banks OBE on the 3rd March to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of England’s World Cup win.

Tickets are on sale now from Prontaprint in Wolverhampton.