41 Club Storm Liverpool

Round Table grew out of Rotary back in 1927 so its no surprise that Tablers make great Rotarians and we are lucky that many of the members of the Club were formerly members of the Tettenhall Round Table and a number of other local Round Table Clubs.

Originally, membership of Round Table was limited to men aged between of 18 – 40 years (now 18-45), so that following his 40th birthday, a member of Round Table would have to retire. He was then eligible to join a 41 Club, which is the pet name for The Association of Ex-Round Tablers’ Clubs.

The 41 Club gives ex Tablers an opportunity to continue the friendships they have made whilst in Round Table and encourages them to continue their active involvement in the Community as well as supporting their local Round Table club.

Many members of our own Club are also members of the Tettenhall 41 Club and one of their members came along tonight to let the rest of us know exactly what they got up to on their latest Lads Weekend Away in Liverpool as Gordon Nicklin shared with us a documentary that he had produced covering the annual Tettenhall 41 Club weekend away.

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