District Governor elect talks rubbish

Oh what a night it was, when incoming District Governor Trevor Davies gave us a rubbish talk. And we are still talking about it now.

While we are all knew something about compost and composting, at the end of the evening we were experts in the making.

As Trevor revealed the secrets of a good heap, not too wet not too dry, covered from the rain, he stressed the need for variety, layers not just a morass of grass clippings, (keep leaves out of it), insert a layer of newspaper and just watch your rubbish transform itself into compost that would make John Innes envious. You could sense our members’ zeal as they were working out how their miserable efforts could be transformed with a dash of sawdust, an egg carton or two, grapefruit, but  chopped up into small, sic, pieces, tea bags and coffee grounds.

A compost heap is like life, variety is essential, said our man Trevor and who are we to gainsay the expert. And we all enjoyed every minute of it.

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