Interact comes to Wolverhampton

With the support of members of the Tettenhall Club eighteen students, between Years 9 and 13, from The Royal School Wolverhampton have today joined together to establish a new Interact Club at the School.

Interact Clubs are a service club for young people aged 12 – 18 giving them the opportunity to become involved in fundraising activities to support both local and international projects with the goal of furthering international understanding and good will. The new Club’s first international project will benefit The Madina Basic Cycle School in The Gambia and they have already raised £370 through the collection of reusable clothing.  

Interact Clubs are self-governing and self-supporting, and through participation, students are given an opportunity to “lead, serve and connect” – to gain experience in developing leadership skills, holding positions of responsibility, developing personal integrity, helpfulness and respect for others by doing something meaningful and useful for local and international communities and to develop international links. Participation in Interact not only develops personal skills but the values of individual responsibility and hard work.  Participation can also support elements of the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme and is highly commendable as an addition to a university or future job application.

Today President John had the pleasure of inaugurating the new Club and installing Rebecca Reid as its first President. President John welcomed the Club into the family of Rotary and went on to say: “Tettenhall Rotary Club is proud to be the sponsors of the new Royal School Interact Club. We pledge our continued support and encouragement for all you seek to do and  wish you every success and much enjoyment in your future activities”.  Rotary District Chairman, Barry Preen, joined us to present the new Club with its Charter and commended the new club members for their initiative and commitment.

The group will also be supporting fundraising for Compton Hospice and you can see them in action at the Tettenhall Village Fete on Sunday 1st July.

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