Lending With Care – A Small Investment Goes a Long Way

Its nearly three years since we started working with Lend With Care  – a micro-finance organisation that brings together entrepreneurs in developing countries with people who have the power to help them.

With loans totalling just short of £3,000 to date we’ve made 53 loans, helped 231 entrepreneurs, 593 of their family members and helped businesses to create 87 new jobs – a little can go a long way

We’ve been helping people like Mrs Bui Thi Phoung in Vietnam.

Mrs Phoung’s family is reliant on the income from their small holding on which they grow vegetables and corn and raise pigs and buffaloes for sale to local merchants

The family lives in impoverished conditions but the loan which we assisted with under the Lend With Care scheme helped Mrs Phuong to invest in seedlings and fertiliser to expand their vegetable plantation and to increase the family’s income

The loan to Mrs Phuong has been fully repaid meaning that we can now put that money to work again helping other entrepreneurs.

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