Our Santa Sleigh is Visiting Bushbury

Our Santa Sleigh will be taking Santa to visit the children in Bushbury this evening.

The Sleigh route will start from the shops on the site of the old Staffordshire Volunteer Pub on Rushall Road and will visit  Bentley Road, Fairfax Road, Northwood Park Road, Ireton Road, Carisbrook Road, Cromwell Road, Northwood Park, Egerton Road, Lauderdale Road, Hamilton Gardens, Egerton Road, Pendrill Road, Wentworth Road, over Grifford Road and Hellier Road.

It’s going to be a cold night so wrap up tight and keep an eye on the Sleigh’s progress on the Santa Tracker link that we’ll be posting at around 4.45 this evening.

Please share with friends and family in the area and make sure that you come and tell me what you’d like for Christmas this year.

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