Rotary Young Citizen 2010

Each year Rotary celebrates the work carried out by young people with the Rotary Young Citizen Awards. The awards are run in association with BBC News and celebrate the positive citizenship and vital responsibilities assumed by many young people.

The members of the Tettenhall Rotary Club were pleased to propose Ami Whiston for the award in recognition of the her work in Tanzania. With the assistance of the Club Ami, a trainee nurse, visited Tanzania and worked along side local clinicians in one of the country’s rural hospitals. Whilst there Ami forged a connection with a local orphanage which she has continued to support following her return to the UK.
The judging committee recognised Ami’s personal qualities and her community spirit and we had great pleasure in awarding the certificate of recognition to her.

Thanks to Derek Evans for his work in submitting the  Club’s proposal.

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