Club AGM

Following on from our wonderful Ladies Weekend in Cambridge it was back to business tonight at the Club Annual General Meeting. As well as receiving reports from this years committee chairs the Club also approved the appointment of the Committee Chairs who will take post from the 1st July.

To ensure that our Club can provide service to its community, retain members, and grow we have to make sure that we operate efficiently. Our Club committees are charged with carrying out the Club’s long-range and annual goals.

Our congratulations and thanks go to:

  • Mike Unwin – Fellowship and Social Chair
  • Roger Timbrell – Community Service Chair and Protection Officer
  • Chris Kraushar – Money Raising Chair
  • Chris Bowyer – Sleigh Committee head
  • David Eaton – Programme
  • Brian Nicholson – Membership/Retention Chair
  • Ivan Hill – Communications Chair
  • Izeham Che Dan – Foundation Chair
  • Doug Evans – International Chair
  • Derek Evans – Youth Activities Chair
  • Greg Instone – Attendance Officer
  • John Whitten – Sports Officer
  • Wasil Buczkowski – Regalia Officer
  • Bert Finch & Sammy Chung – Family of Rotary

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