Wolverhampton Young Citizen 2022 Finalist – Kye Barton

As the overall winner of the Wolverhampton Young Citizen of the Year in the 18-25 age group, Kye was recognised for his incredible work as an advocate of the City’s Care Leavers – Care Leavers are children in care who at the age of 16 leave care and move to independent living.

Kye’s own journey of development has enabled him to play a significant role in the Care Leavers Forum for Wolverhampton ensuring it is an environment which is inclusive of all Care Leavers and works to achieve the best outcomes possible for Care Leavers in the City. 

As a result of Kye’s work Care Leavers in the City are now exempt from paying Council Tax. Kye has also been part of the development of The House Project for Wolverhampton, a scheme that provides young people an opportunity to develop their independence skills, which has received national recognition.

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